WEBSITE and interface DESIGN


WriterDuet is screenwriting software
with intelligent features that make it easy for screenwriters to collaborate. They wanted a redesign of their software UI to deliver a more seamless and joyous experience to users.

The team also wanted their main
website redesigned as it's the first point of call to future customers. It needed to be more 'on brand' and inviting. I started working from wireframes which outlined the structure of the site.  


A well as the homepage, I worked on the design for the writing page. This word processor has a unique toolbar specifically for screenwriters who want to collaborate; with prominent buttons to add new scenes, characters and camera shots. On the left of the writing area is a neat stack of scene cards showing which scene you are currently editing. The toolbars, typography, icons and colour scheme has been chosen to match the brand and homepage, to give users a great and consistent experience.


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 02.10.20.png

Redesigning the homepage

A more 'on brand' and CLEANER look 


 The homepage is customers' first impression of the software, so it needs to be light, clean and easy to
understand. The site has one main page slit into segments that focus on different things. Neat images and
iconography add character to the page whilst consistent typography makes text elegant to read. 


M O B I L E   F R I E N D L Y

The whole website is responsive to the viewers browser window, so always looks great. The homepage was designed around a structured grid so looks balanced on any desktop width, tablet or mobile.


"...a stunning design
that impressed our whole team."

"Adam's design work was excellent.  He helped us redesign our software user interface with attention to detail, dedicated communication and delivered a stunning design that impressed our whole team. He thought deeply about the project and suggested things that were very helpful. We look forward to working with him in the future"

John Rhodes, WriterDuet


"...I was very happy with the final design..."


"Adam was extremely easy to work with, and not only considered how designs would look, but how people would interact with them. His artistic judgment is very good, but more than that, he thinks about how design fits into a bigger vision. I was very happy with the final design, and reaching that point was about as seamless an experience as I could've expected."

Guy Goldstein, WriterDuet


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