I designed a concept for Virgin Atlantic's iOS app because their current app (2014 Version) was in need of a major update. After sending it to chairman Richard Branson and CEO Craig Kreeger I was invited in to meet some of the team and later hired as a Brand Designer.



The existing 2014 app was severely outdated and distasteful

The existing 2014 app was severely outdated and distasteful

The redesigned version has a greater emphasis on functionality with a cleaner, more beautiful design. More recently I have created designs for a watchOS app, and have worked on Virgin Atlantic's brand design team for a variety of projects.



This new design has a large focus on imagery, with a confident use of the Gotham typeface. This coupled with neat iconography and fun animations creates a clean, current aesthetic. The main navigation is now a collection of large images that passengers can scroll through, allowing for a more engaging experience; with room for many more features than a traditional 5-page menu. This overhaul brings a fresh, clean look that stays true to the Virgin Atlantic brand.



A design for Apple Watch. Taking it further with an experience for watchOS unlike any other.


I designed this version of the app to provide a more intimate level of interaction. It features the same navigation and gestures used throughout watchOS so passengers get a consistent experience, but this interface has been dressed with Virgin Atlantic's unique flair. 


a Joyful experience 

As users swipe across pages, an aircraft pans across bringing a more joyous experience. Apple's San Fransisco Condensed typeface is used for consistency and legibility on a small screen. Notifications look vibrant with subtle twinkling stars, fun copywriting and brand colours.

"These are really impressive designs..." - David Bullman



After sending my designs to Chairman Richard Branson and CEO Craig Kreeger, I was invited into Virgin Atlantic's Head offices to meet some of their key team members. I later joined the brilliant Brand Design team to work on a variety of projects for the airline.



After joining the brilliant brand design team, I worked on a variety of projects including ads, interface elements, documents, on-board passenger products, film props and signage.


Explore a refined selection of my work below. While I would love to show you many of the exciting things I worked on, they are for internal use only or understandably confidential at this time.


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