As Design Director for the award-winning TEDxUAL event in London, I lead a team of designers, creatives and innovators to create the identity and event material for the 2017 and 2018 conferences.

Working with the marketing team, we implemented an advertising strategy we called RED = TED. Prior to announce any event details, we added bursts of red across the 6 main University of the Arts London (UAL) campuses. Existing red chairs, walls and furniture aligned with our posters and teased that something exciting was on the way.
The active use of red colour blocking extended to our speaker invitations and early promotional material.

In the first few months of planning, we used a clean design language that aligned heavily with TEDx's brand style. This was to build excitement by taking advantage of iconic elements from the TED brand; without revealing our individual events theme or event branding.

The event theme was 'Perspective' so we created a visual identity system to match

The whole event team decided that this years theme would be ‘Perspective’ so we created a visual identity around the theme that used 5 key shapes and a vibrant colour palette. Shapes were used differently on each piece of brand material, showing different perspectives and views. The shapes brand was a metaphor for ‘perspective’ showing lots of different ways of showing something, using the same core elements. Each piece of brand material is a different way of seeing the same shapes and colours, the say way each persons perspective is their own, unique view of the same thing.


We used bold shapes, bright colours and confident typography.

The previous years event used a dark colour scheme with black and white images and small type. We wanted to create a stark contrast to show that this years event would be brand new, bigger and better. All brand material, marketing emails and the website was white with clean text and vibrant shapes.


For the event itself, we worked extra hard to ensure all merchandise and event material conveyed the confidence and energy of the theme.

We worked closely with printers and spent extra time sourcing suppliers that could create exactly what we wanted with the perfect colours, finish and textures. Dozens of paper stocks were sampled, many different suppliers were considered and everything was checked with laser sharp attention to detail.

We designed our event material with the intention of using our brand shapes in a dynamic way. Each piece of design would show shapes interacting in a different way, or with different contrasting colours.

We introduced bursts of the iconic red to keep aligned with the TEDx master brand. Full bleed red pages, prominent red shapes and a red strip at the bottom of all design material.

We designed a system of colours and shapes that meant guests were given different lanyards, creaating an audience full of vibrant colour.

We used event themed quotes and inspiring statements on merchandise, tote bags and posters.

We used type confidently, with large statements in documents, signage and on packaging. We used quotes that related to our event to convey the energy of the theme into everything.