Everyone has a story...

For a recent photography project on storytelling, I have been discovering more about the people of London and Cambridge. This friendly street busker was playing the violin in Cambridge, UK. After asking to take some photos, I asked him a few questions, here is his response to why he enjoys busking, ''It's the fact that if i'm playing a gig with a crowd of people and I get on stage, then usually the people that are at that gig know what they're watching; whereas when your busking it's like a pop up stage so you start playing and you have to win the potential crowd over and you get a really honest awareness of your music, and how your performance is that day. Because you either make money and make a lot of contact with people, or you don't. So it's just raw, basically''.

More stories from other people around London and Cambridge will be released over time.

3Adam Marsh