Designing a powerful and elegant, organization tool for students.

The Primus Planner app from Education Simplified is currently in development. Designed to allow students to access assignments, calendar events and other usefull tools from one unified iPad app. The app has a focus on colour to keep students engaged, at the same time focuses on key content with no clutter or 'decorative' elements. Every element has a functional purpose to enhance the user experience.

General sketching and planning for various elements of the app. Click to enlarge.

Planing a refinement of the Assignments screen. (finished version shown below). Click to enlarge.

The app will sync seamlessly with the Edmodo Platform, meaning when teachers set assignments over the internet, they can immediately appear in the App. The app will also allows for easy communication between students, parents and teachers. With a focus on time management and students with ADHD, the app can intelligently generate automatic tasks based on the assignments set, to make sure all work is completed on time and to a consistently high standard. 

To get to the finished screens was an intense process with many concepts and changes. Check out some of the other screens in my Portfolio. Expected to launch later this year, more info will be posted soon!

3Adam Marsh