The art of Food styling in my first food Photoshoot

This week I carried out my first photoshoot with Food but there's much more to it than simply placing the food items in the studio and snapping up a few pictures.

Each shot was carefully sketched out with many different versions. Props were also key in this shoot, as different items portray different feelings and give off different messages. It was important to have a wooden chopping board in the shot with the salad, as it gives an organic element, where as with the bread, the use of slate gave a more rustic touch. 

Each item of food was carefully arranged and positioned. Every leaf from the salad was handpicked, and Icing sugar was reapplied until the right consistency. The food was all fresh and prepared in the studio. One challenge was that 6 lamps were used to light most of the photos, however each of the lamps produced a lot of heat, which was quickly melting icing and changing the consistency of cream cheese. This meant air condition was turned up to max, and each food item shoot lasted no more than 20mins. 

A really fun part of the shoot was taking an ordinary item, such as this cupcake, and decorating it to add value. This cupcake cost 12 pence but with the addition of fruit and icing sugar was made to look like a delicious, quality cake. The icing sugar as a soft texture and pattern to bland surfaces.

One of the most fun shoots was the Salmon and Philadelphia Cream Cheese on Ryvita crackers. An overly thick layer of cheese was used, as in the photo it would look just right, and extra cheese was spread on the edges, as the centre of the cracker was covered in salmon. The salmon was folded over several times and additional sections of salmon were carefully placed to make the pieces look larger. The chopped herbs were specifically arranged in way to look as if they were just thrown on. Just after the shoot was finished I remembered that I hadn't included a lemon slice as planned, but one of the ryvita piece had already been eaten by one of my assistants (Toby), so I repeated the shoot with just one Ryrvita piece, and a slice of fresh lemon in the background. The Results below. 

3Adam Marsh