NHS Switchboard

The app has a simple but functional design allowing users to perform tasks as quickly and easily as possible. Bold, obvious icons and clear type make the app easy to understand and navigate around. This app was designed in 2013.

Designed for the NHS as a prototype for an internal application, it allows for easier communication and gives staff access to useful features such as maps and timetables. Staff can be filtered by position, ability and location and easily contacted via the app. 

D  E  S I  G  N

 In white, grey and NHS Blue, the design ties in comfortably with other NHS media. The design deliberately uses common iOS design language so all users are instantly familiar with the app.

T  E  S  T  I  M  O  N  I  A  L 

 ''Great work- Adam very prompt and engaged. Worked on the designs continuously and was very helpful!'' Charles Duke, NHS

Screen designs for the App. Click or Tap to enlarge.

App Icon Designs. Click or Tap to enlarge.