Kolchagov Barba



Through the collaboration of the well-established Bulgarian designer Svetoslav Kolchagov and the influence of the Italian marketeer Emilio Barba, Kolchagov Barba is set to create a new meaning of luxury. Creations see the use of Swarovski crystals, hand woven lace and the most luxurious fabrics, combined to create exquisite, beautiful garments.

Kolchagov Barba needed a website that captured the essence of the brand. With a limited previous online presence, this new website needed to make a statement and launch the label online. For many people this website will create the first impression so the challenge was designing a site that showed off the unique characteristics and charm of the brand.


Thew new website has a flat aesthetic with large panels of colour and the absence of skeuomorphism. A refined colour scheme and contemporary styling convey a modern feel. A touch of elegance and sophistication is added with rich serif and sans-serif typography, stunning content and a beautiful imagery.


With the whole website being responsive, it looks great on every device. Banner images, buttons and typography resize and a dedicated mobile navigation menu appears. 


"His attention to detail, passion and dedication made the entire relaunch one of the most enjoyable tasks we have undertaken


"Working with Adam was so easy fluid and organic, he understood our company values and aesthetics and elevated to a very high level. His structured way of working made sure we were fully involved without bearing the stress and the workload involved in relaunching a website. The design process was very organic, we briefed Adam and we showed our product and he came back with ideas and concepts. Adam had a very difficult task to re-brand the website and he did an amazing job. His attention to detail, passion and dedication made the entire relaunch one of the most enjoyable tasks we have undertaken. We are very happy to know such a talented, professional and visionary individual."



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