After responding to a brief from major UK retailer John Lewis and Partners to reinvent part of their in-store experience, I was awarded a renowned D&AD pencil.


John Lewis and Partners was looking for a bold in-store experience; a new way to shop that brings in Generation Z shoppers, attracts press and shows that the brand is forward-thinking and relevant.



I created “Here & Now”, an enchanting exhibition space and forward thinking 360° campaign that showcases this month's most loved products.


Here & Now

For customers, it’s an engaging, playful exhibition, but behind it is retail data and intense core human psychology that prompts sales, builds trust and entices a younger demographic. Mesmerising, multi-sensory experiences such as the conveyor belt beauty bar, revolving living rooms, demo tasting kitchen and mood-lit tech booths create an unmissable space that guests will love sharing. Here & Now is a fresh, human-centred approach to the in-store experience that pushes the brand forward.


the space

This immersive exhibition in John Lewis Oxford Street is a place for customers to get lost and discover the most loved products in a intimate, curated setting.


magical instalations

Features such as the conveyor belt beauty bar with synchronised screens will surprise and inspire visitors. Guests will love sharing these new, unmissable retail experiences.

thoughtfully curated

Here and Now shows only the ‘Most Loved’ products. These are the best selling, highest rated or suggested by John Lewis Partners. Studies show that an easy to process, refined selection can yield higher overall sales.

An emphasis on play
and discovery

This store experience has less emphasis on hard selling, however, guests are subtly reminded that everything they experience in this space is available to buy in this store, and with the Never Knowingly Undersold price promise from John Lewis, there’s no better place to buy them. Guests are nurtured in a light, warm and welcoming space.


encouraged discovery

Products are treated more like artefacts increasing their desirability. Visitors forget they are in a store and experience features such as the revolving rooms that transport you to the next section.


appealing, in every sense

The multi-sensory adventure features different scents, sounds and tastes in each section. Enjoy popcorn while trying out TVs, John Lewis Food Hall nibbles in the Demo Kitchen and mood lighting that changes based on what music you play in the Tech Booths.


tailored for generation z

Amongst ages 12-25, there was a desire for a light, playful space to fully experience products. They wanted a clear, vibrant, uncluttered store.


Empowering guests with all of the information they really want to know.

Using an iPad mini handed to you upon entry or a mobile device, RFID tags let you magically scan a product to learn more or add it to your Wishlist to print at the end. Openly shared social influence data and real reviews make each product more intriguing whilst promoting John Lewis’ honesty. This brings the best of online shopping into the physical space.


the campaign

The campaign shows a fresh new side to John Lewis. The artwork features short, punchy tag-lines that cut to the point and leave an impact. A bold new colour unifies the campaign in-store and online.


the wordmark

Carefully crafted to align with John Lewis’ quality tone of voice but also push the brand forward; the wordmark appeals to new younger demographics, without alienating existing customers.

here & Now for John Lewis

This is Here & Now. Using core psychology and a human-centred approach, this new concept creates an unmissable in-store experience that pushes the brand forward. Explore my D&AD submission document below...


Explore the research and development of this project below from initial ideation to the end result.