Jaysi gives life path readings in L.A's Venice Beach Boardwalk.
She talks about her greatest struggle and biggest achievement. 


''The happiest moment of my life was probably being in Maui last year for my birthday, I’ve traveled over 20,000 miles last year. 

My greatest struggle? - my addictions, I’m down to all natural tobacco and coffee (laughs), so I went through all of them and thats been my greatest struggle but also my greatest blessing too as it made me a much stronger person.

My biggest accomplishment is conscious awakening. The reason why I do the readings that I do - I do life path readings, because I believe that every soul in this planet has their own souls purpose; and what the conscious awakening is, is when you wake up and you've realised that your much more than just your physical body and your physical needs; and so because of my conscious awakening I've overcame my addictions and traumas and dramas. so I try to be an inspiration for others to do so.''