The Setup 

For the majority of shots, 6 lamps were used, 2 of which had diffusers to create and even light. Spot light focused in on aspects of the foreground and background from different angles, and a gold reflector was positioned behind the food, either to the left of the right. Constant air conditioning and refrigeration was used to stop lamp-heat melting food during the shoot. 

The Ingredients 

Premium ingredients selected from Waitrose including pastries, bread, fruit and salad, that were perfectly formed and vibrant in colour. Herbs, nuts and chocolate were brought in from other sources to further dress each shot. Toped off with Icing sugar to add a delicious texture to fruit and cakes. 

Props and Set Dressings

With each shot carefully planned in advanced; materials, textures and props were used to compliment food. Different sized pieces of slate was used to add a rustic, but smart feel where as white plates and serving dishes gave a clean, modern look. Orange Juice used as a background prop gives the impression of a breakfast food. For the shot of the Salad, a wooden chopping board in the background gives and organic and healthy feeling. The cupcake is placed in front of berries with complimentary colours, and bread is positioned on brown paper, also a complimentary colour, that gives a portable, freshly baked feel.

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This collection was taken for a project on advertising, specialising in Food. Each shot was carefully planned to portray different feelings and emotions. The majority of shots used 6 light sources to achieve an bright image, with minor tweaking in post production. Ingredients and props covered 5 wide tables turning the studio into a kitchen; for this shoot I learned to challenges of being a food stylist - perfectly arranging each item. The Planning, material sourcing, shooting and editing took several days, with studio time lasting 5 hours.