After some recent flights with Emirates, I felt the user interface of their in-flight entertainment system could be refreshed and enhanced. I created a concept which uses the same colour scheme as the current system (for familiarity) but features a whole new look and feel.

The Current ICE System (2018) in need of a design refresh.

The Current ICE System (2018) in need of a design refresh.

Emirates’ in-flight entertainment system - ICE,  is packed full of fantastic content and has won the Skytrax award for best in-flight entertainment system for 13 consecutive years. ICE stands for Information, Communication and Entertainment. It offers passengers everything from the latest movies, tv, music, live news, sport and access to external cameras.

Let's explore the concept...


Passengers are welcomed to ICE with stunning images and videos of Emirates' home, Dubai. Before tapping start, users can swiftly select their preferred language, ensuring a truly global experience. The welcome screens have been designed to emit a calming effect, helping passengers to feel more comfortable after boarding the aircraft.



Unlike the existing design where controls are placed within four separate menus, everything is now organised into a single menu; one place for everything - accessible from any page within ICE. If passengers are looking for something, such as movies, seat controls, news or music, all they have to do is tap the red menu button. When choosing what to browse; such as entertainment options, all of the sub pages are immediately listed. So its easy to jump straight into a section with one tap, no swiping needed.



With so many pages within Movies, TV Shows and Music, it can be easy to get lost. A digital breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen lets users know exactly where they are within ICE, so they can quickly navigate around. Buttons across the system have been meticulously designed and positioned, so they are easy to use on smaller screens. Menus have a strong focus on displaying large poster artwork, so users can visually understand menus without needing to read everything.


information simplification 

Flight information and news headlines are still accessible from any page, now within the side menu. This means it's easy to stay up to date whilst watching a movie or TV show. The 'Todays Flight' page has been redesigned so live information is really simple to understand.


Multitasking made easy

When watching Movies or TV Shows, tapping the 'Play in corner' button will let users browse other pages, while keeping their content playing in a neat window that can be hidden. Controls for playback, volume and fullscreen viewing are neatly arranged below the player.

"...This is an absolutely amazing new design!..." - Ye Rim Cho

 Digital MARKETING Executive, EMIRATES

"WOW! I love it..." - Tomas Panek



This is a concept and is not affiliated with The Emirates Group or Emirates Airline. User interface designs are original artwork by Adam Marsh. © Adam Marsh 2017, All rights reserved.