Damon Warren

Damon is an artist in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.
Here he talks about one of the happiest moments in his life.


''Happiest moment, spur of the moment? Being on the show David Letterman, yeah, that was the highlight of it. I got on by doing a stupid human trick - its a unique trick that I do with my lip where I inhale it, where nobody else can do it, you know so I suck my lip up to my nose and I can keep it there without using my hands.

How did they discover me? I sent in a video and they called me right away. They said we love it, come do the interview and come do the show . They said your not guaranteed to be on the show but your guaranteed to  - we'll send you out there, guaranteed hotel, guaranteed food and guaranteed that you’ll at least go to the studio and so they said the bonus is being on stage, and I said I am taking it (laughs). As a matter of fact David Letterman has one of my paintings and so he says you guys come out to the beach and visit Damon Warren and ever since then - even before then I've been popular, but now i'm still more popular, so when you show the love and walk in love then you do your thing and people come to you, you know what I mean when you promote peace an love, happiness nothing can go wrong with that.''