Illustrating with pink, purple and white

As the brief for this project said that we could only use three colours,  I had to think carefully about how I would use each one. We could use white,  bright pink to match the Clerkenwell design week branding and a shade of purple. As our designs were going to cover the designs on existing tote bags the whole image had to be printed with no transparent areas. This meant at the end of the project I would have A4 design completely covered in ink.

As I had decided to make illustrations of windows in the area,  I had to find the best way to illustrate these using the limited colour palette.  David suggested imagining the piece as a black and white,  monochrome image. Which bits would be black? And which bits would be white? Towards the end of the design process, once the illustrations were done, I could then substitute black and white for the brand colours. Thinking of the design as a monochrome piece helped as I knew ultimately there be three layers to the design on which I could do anything I wanted.

I started by making the background pink and adding white shapes and lines to form the shape of the windows,  to give more of a 3D look I added purple shadows behind the elements, so they stood out more from the dominant background. It was a real challenge and using only three colours especially as illustrating is not one of my strongest points. Perhaps I should have chosen to respond this brief in a different way,  one that better suits my skill set. As I had done most of the illustration work over the project time,  I tried to enhance as much as I could before submission, so I emphasised the shadow is by making the purple areas larger tried to add extra detail where possible. Adding detail can be risky as the brief is for a screen printed design so too high of a level of detail would not be feasible to print due to the technicalities of screen printing.

Clerkenwell, Practice, UALAdam Marsh