Photoshoot: Explore

In a previous project, we were asked to cut and shape typographic letters from MDF in the 3D workshop at UAL Chelsea. The second part of this project was to photograph these letters in an interesting environment. 

My group created the word 'Explore' so I decided to carry out my Photoshoot in an interesting tunnel I have walked through several times. This pedestrian tunnel links the underground section of Kings Cross station to a nearby building. It's lit with large led panels across an entire wall which change colour to alter the mood and visual temperature of the space. The other side of the tunnel as an interesting design that reminds me of the work of designer Nik Lusardi a product designer at Virgin Atlantic  who designed the iconic VS herringbone upper class suites. 

The tunnel bends so from each end you cannot see the other, I though this would be a good place to shoot the letters, as you can't see what's beyond the tunnel encouraging people to 'Explore' the space. Using white tack I placed the letters down in the Centre of the tunnel forcing People to walk around and over the letters.

The results were far better than I expected as the lighting of the tunnel had a big impact in the photos, passers by were particularly interested and took their own photos of the words. Overall I think the photoshoot produced some great results and the location worked really nicely. I learnt a lot about public interaction and was surprised with how many people took their own photos of the set up, people really liked it and smiled when they saw it. I really enjoyed the photoshoot as it received a positive and warm reaction and the tunnel lighting had a great impact on the white letters.

UALAdam Marshual, photoshoot, project