A weekend in New York


I recently flew to New York City for a few days to visit friends, and during my trip photographed many aspects of the big apple. Using my iPhone I took many photos as we explored locations across Brooklyn and Manhattan.

I have always loved architecture and spatial design, and New York City has some of the most iconic buildings in the world. Visiting the Oculus at the World Trade Centre was amazing, Its unique design is unlike anything I had ever seen and the structure looks incredible when standing inside.


Below is one of my favourite locations in Manhattan, located in Tudor City, a short walk from Grand Central Terminal. A bridge crosses an avenue and when standing in the centre, the streets open up to give an incredible view of the Chrysler Building with 2 rows of trees in the foreground. The yellow New York taxis perfectly compliment this scene and the street fades off into the distance.


Brooklyn Bridge, a rather sunny Central Park, The Guggenheim and Fifth Avenue are just a few of the locations that I have featured in this collection. Shot with an iPhone and enhanced with VSCO, Instagram and Photoshop, these images capture interesting and iconic aspects of the city.