Perspective Artwork in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, I recently came across the work of French artist Georges Rousse. He has designed a unique, one of a kind installation at the Starbucks in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The hotel-casino is known for its use of artwork throughout the property but this chance encounter with Rousse’s installation really left an  impression on me. 


Rousse, a Paris born artist and photographer has decorated this Starbucks with coloured panels, bright walls and abstract shapes hanging from the ceiling. When standing in line, or sitting at a table the placement of these colourful segments means you get a different view from every angle.

The pieces look like a randomised mish mash of colours, but when you stand in one very specific point in store, something magical happens. All of the pieces align together to form a large perfect circle. It looks fantastic in photos but nothing compares to seeing this geometric illusion in real life. The scale is impressive and it’s almost beautiful how all theses shards of colour gracefully meet to form a pure continuous circle.

Rousse has played with perspective to create a truly unique installation adapted to the architecture of this space. The segments are so large and bursting with colour that the interior of this Starbucks didn’t need any decorative elements. This artwork has transformed the store into a much more social space and created a unique atmosphere that is unlike any other coffee shop.

To see more of Georges Rousse’s work visit his website, and if you’re in Las Vegas, pop by the Starbucks at the Cosmopolitan located on The Strip.