Everyone has a story.

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They say a picture can tell a thousand words, so for a photography project on the theme of storytelling, I went up to strangers in London and Cambridge, and asked if I could take their photo. 

Inspired by Brandon Stanton who runs the incredible blog, Humans of New York, I deccided to take a similar approach to him and talk to the subjects a little bit. Its not easy at first, but after the first couple of people, you realise that most people are happy to be involved and don't mind having their photo taken. It was crucial for me to engage with the subject as I wanted to include a quote with each photo like Brandon Stanton does. 

This friendly street busker (above) was playing the violin in Cambridge. After asking to take some photos, I asked him a few questions and here is his response to why he enjoys busking,

''It's the fact that if i'm playing a gig with a crowd of people and I get on stage, then usually the people that are at that gig know what they're watching; whereas when your busking it's like a pop up stage so you start playing and you have to win the potential crowd over and you get a really honest awareness of your music, and how your performance is that day. Because you either make money and make a lot of contact with people, or you don't. So it's just raw, basically''.

This project was a lot of fun to carry out, as I got discover more into peoples lives. I recently did a similar shoot in Los Angeles where I included the audio clips of people answering my questions. It can be found here. The full collection of photos from this shoots can be found on the photography page.

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