Yellow Blue Pink: A Surreal And Unique Art Installation

 I recently visited an art installation at London's Wellcome Collection exhibition space, called Yellow Blue Pink. Created by artist Veronica Ann Janssens, an entire room is full of a thick, coloured mist. With lighting, the colour of the mist gradually changes as you walk around the room. The mist is so thick that you can barley see your hand if you hold it up in front of you, so everyone has to walk very slowly around the room, to avoid colliding or bumping into walls. 

Walking through this installation was a very surreal experience, unlike anything I had ever felt before. You feel calm and a bit strange, as there is nothing else you can compare the feeling too. You almost feel isolated as all you can see is colour, everywhere you look. There are no textures, no horizons or anything to give a sense of scale; everywhere you look all you can see is a subtle gradient of colour with the occasional silhouette of a person wandering by.

You almost feel dead and non existent, as if you are in a different world, as the experience is far from anything on planet earth. You get a greater understanding of yourself as you feel completely alone, you can't see anyone or anything else, as if you are floating away in a cloud all by yourself. It's a really strange but interesting feeling. I'd highly recommend this installation.