A crafted paper GF Smith Sample pack from Top Drawer Trade Show

In September I received this free GF Smith sample pack from the Top Drawer trade show at Olympia. Is is made entirely from GF Smith paper and shows off some of their colours and textures. It's called 'Beyond Paper' to emphasise that they do more that just create sheets of paper. The outside of the folding package is a sheet of Marrs Green paper, 135gsm, which in 2017 was chosen as the worlds favourite colour. I like the colour and the carefully placement of elegant typography creates and elegant and sophisticated look. The package is sealed with a circular sticker over the fold. 


When you open the sample pack there are 3 folded sections, each in different, bright colours. Right in the centre, and immediately noticeable is a giant GF Smith logo in a piece of card shaped like a label tag. It has an amazing finish and shows high quality paper can have a real impact. It is different colours on both sides to advertise their Duplexing feature where 2 or more sheets of equal weight are press laminated to create a permanently bonded material.


The yellow envelope is also made form a nice, weighted paper giving it a luxury feel compared to other envelopes. It is blank but inside is a sheet of 'cut and creased' card which which has one of the most beautiful textures I have felt in paper. It is hard to see in photos but to touch it is more like leather than paper. It promoted their card service

The blue sheet is to advertise their CAD cutting service that allows for small run packaging to be created. The net printed on the back can be pushed out and folded into a shape. I think GF Smith have created a really exquisite sample kit that has been very successful in its job of promoting their other services. I am really impressed and for the Craft project want to work hands on paper as this has shown me some of the incredible things you can do with paper when the quality and design is right. GF Smith is known for making great stocks and a wide selection of colours. For this project, I might gather more samples from the sample tree at Central Saint Martins and create a paper outcome. 

Craft, ContextAdam Marsh