New York Agency Fantasy reimagines how we book flights online

Fantasy is a New York based agency who create interactive material for different brands. In addition to client work, they make concepts for new website ideas and present them through highly animated, engaging videos. They try and completely reimagine process with a big focus on the user experience and how it should be, rather than how it actually is. As these projects are for themselves, they have no limitations so can completely reimagine an online process where a real company may be hesitant due to the significant risk involved with such bold changes.

They created this concept for a made-up airline website. As you can see in the video below they focused on some core UX ideas such as having everything on one page; and looked at the user journey from end to end integrating hotels and rich media. They also created highly engaging animations such as the flight map where the user can move the pins around with ease. 

Here at Fantasy, we sometimes look at industry verticals such as travel through the lens of progressive disruption. So we asked ourselves, what is the future of the airline website? What if Tinder did travel? - See the full case study What if Healthcare was helpful?
FMP, Context, UALAdam Marsh