My initial idea for the brief

Based on research and ideas,  this was the initial idea presentation that I showed to Danielle and the rest of the John Lewis group. It describes an idea called Trend Gallery which is an exhibition space and range of display stands throughout the store that shows the countries most loved products. The idea marries core human Psychology with customer data to create an unmissable space. As I had not started designing or sketching any plans at this stage,  I use lots of reference imagery that I liked such as the Apple Store interior design created by the in-house Apple team and Foster and Partners architects.  I also included the Apple boardrooms,  a chair installation at the  Design Museum in Copenhagen and a series of display stands from other stores around the world.

During the tutorial, I tried to explain the idea in full and also look for problems that I would need to overcome if they went down this approach. It received positive feedback from the group perhaps because I had spent time preparing this presentation to communicate the idea clearly. 

It was useful getting feedback from the group as many people had opinions and ideas for how my project could be adapted or enhanced.  Lily who has her own business and experience selling products in retail stores pointed out some potential flaws in my idea that could upset suppliers and product brands which gave me something to think about moving forward. Daniella gave positive feedback and was very helpful in outlining what the Next Steps would need to be for my project.

D&AD, Practice, UALAdam Marsh