Paper displays from GF Smith

GF Smith makes beautifully vibrant, high-quality paper and to draw attention to their products, they have created many installations and window displays that show off the fine texture and variety of colours they offer.  The fact that they use such a simple, linear material to create these installations, draws a lot of attention to how creatively paper can be used. For this project, I want to explore a hands-on approach to paper, as it is such an ordinary material that we see every day, it would be fun to use it in a new context.

 I think because paper is so widely accessible, GF Smith has to put greater emphasis on its creativity show people why their stock stands out. Paper is incredibly versatile as it can be drawn on, cut, folded and stuck in an infinite variety of positions meaning the possibilities really are endless. One thing that really stands out to me from these window displays and installations is that this ordinary material is used in an extraordinary and new way, so for this project, I'd like to show people that paper can be used to represent something different, instead of just posers and print publications.
Craft, Context, UALAdam Marsh