My FMP Proposal


I want to create a concept that re-imagines how we buy groceries online. Currently, the major online supermarket websites such as and look cluttered and complicated with lots of separate menus, outdated design features and little sense of food discovery. Inspired by the Human Centred approaches adopted by IDEO, Apple and Amazon I want to look at food as a complete experience and explore the human connection with it. Building on in-depth research and learning, I will create experiment concepts that make the process of buying food online an experience that gets people excited, instead of a chore. 


I, just like many other Millennials I have spoken to, have tried online grocery shopping once, and due to an underwhelming or overcomplicated experience, have not reused the service. With the internet being used for more things than ever, I am still surprised that online supermarkets haven’t created a more intuitive and seamless experience. In early research, look from a design perspective, I have found that UK supermarket websites look relatively similar, they are more like databases than places to explore and discover the joys of food. This is something that I (as a designer) could re-imagine. But this project is much more than re-skining a website, it's about reinventing it based on what people really want. With a website canvas, there are so many possibilities for creating an intuitive concept using user experience principals. I am investigating a human centred design approach around grocery shopping. I am really understanding what people are lacking and creating a user interface design that solves these issues.


I will be researching the principles of Human Centred Design and how to effectively design for really world needs. I will be talking to the target market about how they currently experience food, and shop in both the physical and digital world. Understanding pain points and getting a complete understanding of the current experience means I can effectively reimagine it from the ground up.


My research will focus on millennials as in the initial research, I have found that despite being one of the most active user group for internet services such as social media, take away apps and ride sharing, 40% of many grocery sites are unsatisfied with the experience (BBC & Which? 2017).  My outcome will be targeted to a Millennial audience however it should have a visual design that appeals to many different age groups. 


I will be creating digital website mockups using Adobe XD. As the outcome is a digital web concept, this is an entirely digital project in terms of media however physical sketches for planning will be a part of the process. I will present my final concept screenshots on a website that viewers can scroll down to learn about the re-imagined idea and see the concept. The concepts will be informed by research which will be present on the blog. 


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