The brilliance of the FedEx Logo, now in Arabic.

Designed by Lindon Leader in 1974, the iconic FedEx logo is often called one of the best logos of all time. The simplicity of the white space between the E and the X forming the perfect arrow symbolises exactly what the company does. It has won over 40 design awards and is recognised all over the world on planes, boxes, uniforms and most often delivery vans. FedEx uses the same logo mark internationally, however, when in Abu Dhabi recently I saw a unique adaptation of the logo.

The Internationally recognised FedEx Logo

The Internationally recognised FedEx Logo

Outside Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace, a $3 billion hotel that has been known the symbolise opulence and extravagance, a FedEx van was parked amongst a row of luxury cars. Displayed on the side of the van was the orange and purple logo, however, it was drawn in an Arabic typeface. Due to the context of it being on the side of a white van as well as the colours, it was recognisable as the FedEx logo, however, the Arabic designers had managed to maintain the part of the logo that makes it so iconic in English. 

Despite being in another language, the logo still has the arrow made of white space between characters. In Arabic, words are read from right to left, the opposite of English, so appropriately the arrow faces the other direction. Although in the photo the arrow is facing towards the back of the van, on the opposite side, it was facing in the vans direction of travel, keeping the success that comes with the logo placement. This is the same as in English as on the left side of a van or plane, the arrow will still face towards the back.

It is great that the design has been redrawn for the Middle East and instead of just adapting the typeface, they have managed to maintain all of the elements that make the logo so uniquely iconic. 

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