The Photoshoot for Mumedi

 As this photoshoot had to take place in central London, I looked at different parks and options where the scene could be shot. In my original sketches, I wanted there to be large green trees in the background to create a more natural, intimate look as opposed to scattering the ashes over water or the sea which could look a bit colder. I started by taking lots of tests shots to try out different compositions, facial expressions and poses.  I had reference sketches that I was working from, and the model needed to have a more natural and spontaneous pose.

Due to the quick turnaround of this photo shoot, I was unable to find a suitable urn for the model to hold, meaning this prop would have to be photoshopped in during post-editing. Regarding the wardrobe styling, I made sure the model was wearing all black to signify that a death has taken place, adding to the narrative that she is scattering ashes. She was wearing a black scarf, which in the final image would be blowing in the wind to emphasise that it is a windy day, hence why the ashes are blowing into her face. On the day of the shoot, there wasn't much wind, so I took separate images of the scarf in a blowing position, that I would Photoshop on later.

I was holding the camera free hand, meaning each shot has slightly different framing, however, after we have got the expression and poses correct, I took a variety of shots paying considerable attention to make sure the model with centred in the image. 

The final image.

The final image.

Mumedi, Practice, UALAdam Marsh