A wall of inspiration at LAX


When I started this blog section of my website, It was intended as a place to show my current projects, travel photography but also a place to share creative things I find intriguing and inspiring. It has made me much more observant of the creative things that lurk in ordinary places. 

Before a recent flight from Los Angeles to London, I was in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LAX. It is a beautifully designed space with stylish furniture, modern decor and incredible food, however I noticed something rather interesting in the clubhouse bathrooms. 

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As with many public bathrooms bathrooms, the sink and toilet were together in one large room, however just like the bathrooms in all of the other Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses, It was brilliantly designed. Each room had a feature wall comprised of different tiles. The tiles (shown below) was a random assortment of graphic styles, patterns, paint marks, typography and bold accents of colour. Despite the wall looking very random, lots of the same tiles were repeatedly used brining a sense of colour coordination.

Certain colours such as the bold yellows, reds and whites were almost glowing under the lighting, and they really made the wall pop. When having 'designers block' it's been useful to refer back to photos of this wall, as it features such a variety of colours, patterns and design styles. 

If you happen to fly out of LAX with Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, I'd highly recommend you check out the stylish clubhouse!