3 - 2 - 1 - Jump... a fun photoshoot

I created this image as part of a photography project entitled 'Multiple Images' where I had to create a piece that used multiple images in some way. I had previously explored triptychs, multiple exposures and panoramas so for this piece I wanted to do something with more fun and energy to it. 


The Photoshoots

I asked my friends to be the subjects of the photo as it makes it more personal, and they were freely available making it more convenient to carry out the photoshoots. I photographed each person separately and would later combine the multiple images to create one long panoramic shot. For each person I took a whole series of photos, asking them to jump in different positions. I printed a few pages of different people jumping, which the models could imitate or get inspired by when deciding what pose to do. Almost everyone wanted their own unique pose and I wanted them all to have different poses for the final image, so I took 30 - 50 shots of each person jumping. This meant when editing later on I had plenty of photos to choose from. 

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To make sure each person looked sharp and clear, I took initial test shots of each person, so I could focus the camera on the height of that persons jump. For taller people I asked them to not jump as high so I could get their whole body in the shot and avoid cutting off their heads. I used bright lighting which allowed for a fast shutter speed.


When editing the images in Photoshop I use the magic wand tool and the polygon lasso tool to cut each person. I added a slight feather around the hair so the line was not as sharp in softer areas. I cut everyone out so it would be easier to arrange them and easier to add consistent shadows through the piece.

People were arranged based on which direction they were facing, to create a more realistic looking composition, where everyone is facing, or tilted towards the camera. Using drop shadows with modified variables, I created artificial shadows for all of the people. As I had full control over the variables, I was able to modify each one so they looked realistic in relation to each person and the height of that person. Looking back, I think the shadows should have been less transparent and bolder. 


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The wire

I wanted to add an extra element to the piece so I added a white line across the piece horizontally. It twists around people and interacts with the subjects to create a more fun and interesting image. It also ties everyone together really well as it gives a greater sense of depth and height. I added the words '3-2-1-jump...' as I said this to each of the subjects before taking their photo. 

Overall I am pretty happy with the outcome. It looks really good when printed big as it allows for the details to be seen and enhances the sense of scale. It revived a lot of positive feedback and looked great when printed in a large scale!