Virgin America re-invneted the printed Boarding Pass

Last year Virgin America went through a significant rebrand, coming back with an all new look that fitted with their fun and playful image. The introduced a new safety video that doubles as a musical, an incredible new website, revised logo and a really cool new boarding pass!


Until now every airline had pretty boring looking boarding passes, weather its a ticket shaped pass with lots of words, or a self printed sheet of paper with lots of text, barcodes and adverts, they’re not particularly pleasant to look at. Virgin America decided to completely rethink it from the ground up and the results are incredible.

How the boarding pass look before you fold it

Virgin America’s new boarding pass is based around a standard sheet of paper and is designed to fold into quarters for convenience and portability. It’s got a really neat design with only the things you need and no clutter. Your terminal, gate and boarding time are in red and the flight origin and destination are in a larger font size, in purple at the top. The design is simple, fun and I think VX have done a really great job of modernising the printed boarding pass. Below is a Vine from Virgin America showing the new pass.


Incase you haven't seen their fun new safety video yet, here it is!

Buckle up to get down. We've enlisted the help of Virgin Produced, Director Jon M. Chu, Choreographers Jamal Sims and Christopher Scott, Song & Lyrics by Todrick Hall, Composer/Producer Jean-yves "Jeeve" Ducornet, Virgin America teammates, and dance stars like Mike Song and Madd Chadd to give our safety video a new song and dance -- literally.