Elegant Art Deco lettering with Argö

Argö is a serif typeface designed initially as an Art Deco display font, but with a few changes to traditional aesthetics. Horizontal lines have been replaced with Medieval themed ascenders to allow for more flow and versatility, incase the user intends to manipulate the typeface. Click or tap images to enlarge.

This really is one of my favourite decorative typefaces for so many reasons. This unique marriage of Art Deco and Medieval staying gives a really unique look which although is unlike anything I've seen before, it's somehow familiar. The sumptuous curves are so decorative but still contain a sense of simplicity. The make you want to manipulate the lettering, to see the relationship between characters and how they look in different configurations. Check out these gorgeous pieces below!

 Argö contains 180 characters including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, ligatures, accents and other glyphs. I love the beauty of the lettering and how elegantly characters fit together. Explore the gallery below. 

Argö was created by Anthony James, a UK based designer who has an incredible talent for crafting beautiful typefaces.

"I’m a multidisciplinary designer with a (BA HONS) Degree in Graphic Design. I began working in-house for numerous clothing labels and literary agencies, now a freelance Illustrator/ Typographer. I’ve veered away from freehand and specialise in vector based design, as well as running a successful Type Foundry."

You can buy Argö and discover more of his work on his website.