Making graphics of Miami Beach Art Deco Buildings

Using Photoshop, I created a series of graphics of art deco buildings in Miami Beach. I love the art deco architecture and wanted to recreate the forms digitally. I used shapes and colours that look neat and elegant but with a 'cute/fun' element to them. Below you can see the Colony Hotel, The Leslie and the McAlpen (which is not yet finished).

Each piece took several hours to complete and I worked from online photos of the buildings. I used a front facing image of each building to create the initial shapes and structure, and then looked at photos from different angles, and several close ups when working on the detailed styling. As many Art Deco buildings are symmetrical, I only needed to created half of the building, I then flipped it and changed some details such as window colours to make it look more realistic. 

When creating a graphic of the Colony Hotel in Photoshop, I recorded my screen so you can see how it was done. It has been sped up around 7x. Watch below.