Creating Stereographic Projections in Photoshop

Creating Stereographic Projections in Photoshop

Often referred to as 'mini worlds', stereographic projections are panoramic photos that are warped into a sphere-like effect. I created some in Photoshop using panoramas I took with my iPhone. This works best when you have a full 360 degree panorama as it matches the ends up perfectly to create a seamless sphere.


Using Photoshop you can make a stereographic projection in 3 easy steps or create them directly on your phone using apps from the App Store.

1. I inserted my panorama into photoshopped and flipped it vertically so the sky is at the bottom. Tap or Click to enlarge.

1. I changed the dimensions of the image to make a square, I used 8000x8000 pixels. Make sure 'constrain proportions' is not selected as you want the image to stretch. Tap or Click to enlarge.

I then chose this filter which warped the image. When the menu pops up, select OK and you're good to go. Tap or Click to enlarge.

Using these 3 easy steps I made some of my panoramas into Stereographic Projections. They show locations including Santa Monica, Vencie Beach, The Hollywood Hills, London and Berlin. I think they give a really cool effect and are easy to make when you know how!