Drawing a postcard sized magazine cover.

In our Library at University of the Arts London's Chelsea campus, we have room full of books knows as the 'special collections'. The special collections room contains rare, limited edition, and artist signed books from significant creative people. To introduce us to these books we were set a project, to explore the collection and then 'design' an A6 postcard 'ranting' about our opinion of the book.

The book I chose to design my postcard on was 'Vanity Fair's Hollywood'. This 2001 hardback showcases Vanity Fair magazines best photography from 1914-2001 and is a beautifully designed book. The book features large imagery with neat description in the corner of each page, It is elegantly designed (just like the magazine) with beautiful, clean typefaces and lots of stunning visuals.

For my postcard 'rant' I chose this book as it loved everything about it. Los Angeles is my favourite place so I was immediately drawn to the cover which features a photo of the Hollywood sign. I love the media aspect of the publication and the portrayal of celebrities from the last 100 years. As well as actors and musicians, the book features other inspiring people such filmmakers, photographers as Hollywood costume designer Edith Head. 

I designed my postcard like a Vanity Fair cover; we were only allowed to use pencil as the special collections are rare and exclusive, so pens are not allowed near them. It took a long time to get the logo lettering to look right and hand drawing the typography took a lot of patience. The postcard had to contain the title of the book, the author and a 'rant' about it. I hand drew all of the text, copying the letter shapes from a computer screen. After we'd finished our designs, we had to post them to the campus library and the best one will win a prize. 

I am pretty happy with the top half of the design, but after spending hours refining the logotype, I decided to finish the second half at a much quicker pace. Looking back I wish I'd had the patience to make the lower parts just as beautiful as the top; but because of the layout and design, it doesn't look too bad. I had a lot of fun hand drawing the Vanity Fair logo and the serif lettering, I really surprised my self as I didn't think I'd be able to do it.

UALAdam Marshual, postcard, drawing, design