The World of Charles & Ray Eames at the Barbican

I visited The World of Charles and Ray Eames at London's Barbican. It was a fantastic exhibition that showcased some of the Eames' best design work. There was a variety of different work from the famous chairs, to magazine covers, to architectural models. 

It was fascinating seeing these iconic chairs in real life; and seeing Charles Eames' prototypes and rough sketches was particularly insightful. With almost everything's that is designed, there are many rough ideas that are often forgotten about so it was great to see all the scrap pieces pf paper that contained some of his best thinking in the form of doodles and rough sketches.

They had mock ups of the projections the Eames' created for the 1964 IBM Worlds Fair. At the time dynamic, large scale projections of this kind had never been seen before so it amazing seeing the recreation of this at the Barbican. This was truly revolutionary at the time and a great way of showcasing the visual information. 

The Eames were a super-couple in the design world that have shaped so much of the design we see everywhere today. They manipulated materials to do new things and have has such a huge impact on so many creative industries.