Learning the basics of print finishing.

For a workshop on print finishing, we each had to bring with us a printed image from the project so far, that we would be applying various layers to, to enhance the look. 

We started by learning the basics of mounting, and how to mount a flat sheet perfectly onto a material, with no air bubbles creases or dust. We also used a heated mounting machine that bonds two materials together using a sticky, hot surface. I chose to cut and mounted my photo on to a piece of white foamboard as I wanted to give it an elevated look when placed on a wall or surface. To alter the finish we added layers of matte and glossy films to enhance how our printed photos reflected light. Most people when for one of the matte films to give an even, smooth finish, but I wanted my image to look sleek and highly reflective so I used a large roller to apply a glossy finish film.

I already knew a lot of the basic ways of print finishing but getting to experiment with the more professional ways was a lot of fun and really useful. It's great having a basic understanding of these techniques as it means when I am creating work, I can take it one step further and present it professionally with maximum impact. It really showed me what an enhancement print finishing makes, as my image went from a fairly standard print from a regular printer on regular paper, to a glossy, mounted and impressive piece.

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