A poster inspired by clean, accessible, beautiful design.

My Poster Design

This was part of our ongoing ‘Movement’ project where in groups we have to create an Art Movement. My groups Art Movement, has an ethos to redesign complex information in a beautiful and accessible way.

For this task we were asked to create a A2 poster advertising an exhibition - that all of the Art Movement groups will be putting on at the end of the year. The design of the poster has to match the visual style of our Movement, So ours had to be clear, easy to understand, have a focus on the key information and be beautiful at the same time. Our group had the idea of showing a timeline of the of past art movements so viewers would understand that's what they are seeing in exhibition of new art movements following on from previous ones.

We each created our own design. I designed a visual timeline that makes it easy to compare the artistic style of different art movements and see a rough idea of the dates. There is lots of information about the past movements on the poster however the design shows that this any easy to understand and simplified way. 

All of the text is clearly aligned with different font sizes to indicate a hierarchy of importance. The key information that viewers need to remember such as the date, location and time have been separated from the main text so they are easy to focus on.

When designing this poster, I learnt a lot about the previous art movements as I had to research each one thoroughly to find which dates they were established and when they became less current. I spent a lot of time experimenting with different structures and layouts for the information and text, I am pleased with the final result as it looks clean, easy to pick out an information and I feel that it is beautifully designed. If I was to create this poster again, I would experiment with different shapes for the timeline content and perhaps look at various colour palettes. I chose yellow as it would grab peoples attention.

Designing the layout for this poster was a challenge, as there are hundreds of different timelines represented in different ways however I wanted mine to look unique but still easy to understand. In that way, it's really pushed me to try harder to create a unique design. Originally the timeline was a straight line going through the middle of the poster, but I needed the group of text items to be centred vertically (for visual balance), so I added the bend in the line and it completely enhanced the dynamic of the design. It went from a rigid, hard line, to a fluid line the conveys a sense of motion and ‘moving forward’. I think this was a successful design and I am happy with how it turned out. 

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