Finding the Exciting side of Page Street


For my first project on my Graphic Design Communication course at University of the Arts London, we were set an interesting task. Working together in small groups of 4, each group was assigned a street nearby. We had to make a 5 minute presentation of any kind, that was 'exciting'. Our group was assigned Page Street

As this was the first week and we had only just met, we didn't know what each others personalities, skill-set and areas of expertise were. The main aim of the project was to get people to know each other and have fun doing it. Our group started off by walking to Page Street, which was a short 8 minute walk from our campus (UAL Chelsea).  

Some screenshots a time-lapse and 'interactive map' from our presentation


For the presentation itself, we used Apples Keynote for its ease of use and animation capabilities. The keynote was comprised of short videos, neat animations and text - all of which were carefully curated to engage and excite the audience. To get people excited from the very start we animated the street sign (below) using Keynotes builds in animation effect 'Trace'. This interested a lot of people and received lots of positive feedback afterwards with several people asking how it was made. 

Using video, photogprahy and animation  

The keynote then features 4 short 20-30 second videos which we narrated over. We recorded a series of videos as we walked along page street to try and highlight the 'exciting' things we found. We came across a child's playground, St Johns Gardens, Burberry's offices and a few interesting things along the street, all of which we documented in the videos. We used varied camera viewpoints, camera movement and a fish eye lense to keep the video interesting. All of it was shot in an iPhone 6S Plus

Page street had lots of chequered buildings which we featured in our short video.

Page street had lots of chequered buildings which we featured in our short video.

Throughout the presentation there were lots of funny remarks which the audience laughed at and responded to. People were genuinely excited due to the short, snappy videos and engaging animations. It received lots of positive feedback from students and was great fun to make.